Nomadic wax reps Africa hip hop

http://nomadicwax.com/ talk i had with Ben about Nomadic wax its begining and why African hip hop? enjoy


  • mshengu

    Greetings Brother,

    This reminds me of the early days of Hip-Hop - how it became the urban expression of self driven blacks who somehow had been shunned - discarded and ignored for their various forms of expression.

    Where Rap “nouveau” may have been seen as being confrontational - Hip-Hip defined people in a more positive manner of giving vent to that inner being breaking loose - free from the chains of convention.

    When the “booty-bouncing” babes became the focus point of this art-form - then Hip-Hip began to take on heat - from the media, church groups and even criminal justice system - as they saw (misinterpreted) Hip-Hop to have it’s roots in the criminal element.

    Basically, the adage of the advertising industry has always been; “Sex Sells” - except in various forms of Hip-Hop, where the more “thug-like” - “gang-banger” mentality took ahold - a more angry outburst of rebellious reaction became the norm - thus shunning the somewhat innocent message contained within the music or merely “sex selling” by turning women into “bitches & hoes” - the objectifying of black women.

    Of late, there has been a more positive move within Hip-Hop to move back to it’s more “pure” form.

    However, within the African genre of Hip-Hop, our own Kwaito seems to deliver so much more. To this I attribute Mzwakhe Mbuli for giving us a new vibrant - purely African form - as I’m sure the examples from Senegal as mentioned by Ben attest to. I have heard a similar form coming out from Ghana or Nigeria and possibly Benin.

    Anyway, here is an excerpt from one of many Machaela angela Davis discussions about Hip-Hop. She is amazing …”

    YouTube - Michaela Angela Davis of HoneyMag.com on Don Imus and More


    Peace & Love


    Jul 5, 2008 at 6:20 am
  • blackfaff

    dope man

    Jul 9, 2008 at 7:02 pm